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An Electronic dog fence can replace the traditional and not truly practical chain link fence. It’s a combination of training and advanced technology that makes dog training and containment easy and simple. Please check out our product catalog to find the one that matches the needs.

Basic Electronic Dog Fence
Basic Dog Containment Fence

Petsafe Electronic Dog Fence
  • Up to 10 acres
  • 1 Correction levels
  • Works with Multiple Pets
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Dog Containment Fence
Wireless Electronic Dog Fence
Wireless Dog Containment Fence

WiFi Electronic Dog Fence
  • Up to 2.5 acres
  • Dogs 10 lbs - 130 lbs
  • Pet Range in Real Time
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Electronic Dog Fence
Premium Electronic Dog Fence
Premium Electronic Dog Fence

Innotek IUC-4100
  • Up to 25 acres
  • 7 Levels of Correction
  • Auto adjusting levels
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Electronic Dog Fence
Rechargable Electronic Dog Fence
Rechargable Electronic Dog Fence

Innotek SD-2100
  • Up to 25 acres
  • Dog Size 15-220lbs
  • Run-Through prevention
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Electronic Dog Fence
Deluxe Electronic Dog Fence
Deluxe Electronic Dog Fence

Ultra Deluxe Comfort
  • Up to 5 acres
  • 10 lbs to 200 lbs
  • Lightning Protector
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Electronic Dog Fence
Indoor Pet Containment
Indoor Pet Containment

Innotek Indoor Dog Zone
  • Zone Range Up to 10'
  • For pets 5 lbs. or more
  • Wireless and Cordless
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Pet Containment
Specialized Dog Containment Fence
Specialized Dog Containment Fence

Petsafe Little Dog Fence
  • Up to 25 acres
  • For Dogs 6 to 220lbs
  • 4 Correction levels
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Dog Containment Fence
Cat Containment
Hand Free Leash

Petsafe Cat Fence
  • Up to 25 acres
  • 4 Correction levels
  • Collar stretches for safety
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Cat Containment

Dogs are more than just a pet for most of us. They are considered as members of the family who we can play with and keep as a constant campanion. Anyone who has had a pet know that they are not always the perfect angel we would like them to be. Some pets can cause damage to our homes especially when left alone. Many pet owners choose to contain thier pets in the yard by using a traditional wooden or metal fences. These type pf dog fences can be costly not to mention an eye sore.

A electronic dog fence gives dog owners the power to control the boundaries where the dog can move around. Requiring no chains, big metal bars or wooden poles, our electronic dog fence systems are easy to set up. Select from a wired electronic dog fence that is suitable for outdoor use or wireless fence system that is useful inside the home and can also be used if dog owners out of town because of the portablility. All our dog electronic fence products come with an electronic collar that acts as a receiver. In the case of the wireless fence, the collar can detect when the dog is getting near the boundary wire, and gives an audible warning sound. If the pet keeps moving toward the wire, a static shock will be delivered to get the pet's attention but it's not painful. Same principle will apply when using a wireless electronic dog fence except that it has a transmitter that produces a constant radio signal to create the boundary instead of using wires and so it's really great for indoor use.

Leaving the pet alone is not a problem anymore. Using our electronic dog fence systems, dog owners can assure that the pet is safe and secured. Above all, the dog will have the freedom to roam and play during obedience training so imagine the tremendous benefits that dog owners and the pet can have. This hi-tech pet product will guide the dog to have proper behavior, thus making the attachment stronger between of dog owners. Instead of crating the dog while staying inside the house, why not use our wireless dog electronic fence systems. This will give him a specific area where he can move freely rather than using a crate to confine him.

At Electronic Dog Fence 4 Less, we provide accurate info on features, installation and maintenance of our electronic dog fence. We have dog containment fences made by the leading dog fence system manufacturers - Innotek and PetSafe. We guarantee dog owners that nothing can be more practical and effective with this kind of containment system that can provide dog owners the simplicity of containing and training the dog. Also, we have the proper electronic dog containment fence that fits any dog breed and size.

Still not sure what kind of dog electronic fence is best for the dog? Our customer representatives are standing by to help customers in selecting the right product. In our online shop, dog owners will not only have the best electronic dog fence systems but also the best deal in town. These hi-tech and remarkable containment fence systems are sold at the lowest prices. In addition to basic products, we also provide lots of accessories that will complement the purchased electronic dog containment fence.

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